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The goal behind ImpressMe is to unify the fractured landscape that exists when shoppers attempt to research commonly compared products, like cars, prior to making a major purchasing decision. I2A Solutions was challenged to create an online platform where brands and consumers could converge to compare dozens of products side by side in an effort to win over the prospective buyer, as well as give the shopper a compete view of all brands, models, and product lines available to them.


ImpressMe is a video product comparison tool designed to let shoppers explore a full range of available products in an array of categories to compare products side by side. Shoppers can discover brands and models they may never have heard of before, search by features that are important to them, and find the product that best suits their needs. Through the online platform, informed buyers can watch and save product videos of their choice, access additional resources to help with their purchase decision, save product information in personalized collections, and assess the distinct features of each product in side-by-side comparisons.

ImpressMe also helps brands build awareness about their products by connecting them to prospective buyers and facilitating shoppers’ decision-making processes through videos and stories told from the brand itself. No longer do savvy consumers have to struggle to educate themselves about every product available to them. Now, they can simply visit ImpressMe, do a quick search or browse by category, and educate themselves on every product that meets their requirements all in one place.

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