Athletic Organizations

We build highly-interactive apps devoted to athletic organizations. Whether it be our Swim Meet Mobile app, where all the meet essentials are gathered in one place, like programs, swimmer states, heat sheets, timelines, lane assignment and results. Or our Mixed Martial Arts app, where MMA fans and those in the industry are provided with live play-by-play action, news, and analysis from the experts.

We also created the Track Meet Mobile app, one of the top track and field meet apps available on the market for athletes, coaches, fans and meet hosts alike. The app works in conjunction with HY-TEK’s Track & Field Meet Manager software to allow hosts to easily publish changes to meet programs, results and lineups in real-time and ensure fans get accurate, up-to-the-minute updates about their favorite athletes and teams.
Whatever the sport, our apps provide a helpful, interactive, and entertaining experience for all involved.


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