Active Network challenged I2A Solutions to devise an app that supports swim meets at all levels – from the amateurs to the pros – using a universally accessible platform including heat sheets, psych sheets, timelines and real-time results.


Swim Meet Mobile organizes all the swim meet essentials in one easy-to-use app housing information about the meet program, event details, swimmer stats, heat sheets, timelines, lane assignments and up-to-the-minute results. The app transforms the swim meet experience for fans, swimmers, coaches and swim meet hosts alike.

Fans ranging from parents of little swimmers to diehard followers of Olympic-level athletes can enjoy real-time results of their favorite swimmers and teams anytime, anywhere. Anyone using Swim Meet Mobile can easily access swimmer, team and meet information using an advanced search function, save their favorite swimmers and teams to the app for quick access, and share meet results via email, messaging and social channels.

Swimmers and coaches can also benefit by easily checking on event timelines, heats and lane assignments so there is no need to track down paper programs ever again.

Meet hosts can keep everything organized from one central location, sharing estimated timelines, pushing out event schedules and psych sheet information, and selling mobile heat sheets within the app for fans, swimmers and coaches prior to the meet. No longer do meet hosts have to answer the same old questions over and over about heats, lane assignments and timelines. Swim fans, parents and participants can get all the information they need in real-time, eliminating any headache or confusion over the event details, so everyone can enjoy the excitement of the main event without hassle.