Create a data- and analytics-driven mobile tool that allows sports marketers to discover and implement new and creative revenue streams by tracking sports fan behavior, as well as elevating the sports fan experience on game day.


FanSircle is a mobile app that simultaneously tracks sports fan demographics and behavior while also enhancing how fans engage with their favorite teams. The FanSircle app allows sports marketers to turn raw data into a clear snapshot of a team’s fan base, enabling sports brands to identify optimal routes to maximize revenue, heighten team exposure, and transform everyday supporters into super-fans. This strategic marketing tool allows users to see the precise demographic of every fan in the sports stadium or arena, their fans’ networks, as well as what fans are doing while cheering on their favorite teams.

In addition to collecting user behavior data at live events, FanSircle fuses a sports team’s existing data with newly gathered fan behavior statistics to compile a comprehensive report that clearly defines the top strategies for sports marketers to utilize in order to increase efficiencies, pinpoint potentially untapped or underutilized markets, and identify profitable marketing opportunities within a few taps of a smartphone screen. Thanks to the app’s data-driven functionality, sports teams are able to boost marketing and analysis impact by attracting new fans, partners and sponsors. Fans too benefit by being able to enjoy an enhanced game day experience and closer connection to their favorite sports teams and players. Through the app, fans are able to locate and connect with their friends at the gate, enjoy exclusive “super fan” content, like on-demand replays, news and stats, and benefit from valuable rewards for being a loyal fan. With its statistically proven value for both business and leisure, FanSircle is a win-win app for fans and sports marketers alike.