Create a secure distributed web and mobile solution that enables financial services organizations to offer remote check deposit capture to consumers and business customers.


To create a successful application we considered user behavior and the phone’s camera limitations. Since we were creating a new type of imaging application that would also have to quickly train users how to use it effectively, this process required significant R&D. First, we tested camera phones from multiple manufacturers and determined cell phones with an integrated 2-megapixel camera with user controls (for example, auto focus) and ample storage space would be able to handle the application. Next, we studied how consumers took pictures with their camera phones and matched it with existing smartphone technology to create a working product.
Essentially, we turned the phone’s camera into a portable scanner. In order to help users get a successful scan when taking a picture of the document we developed a series of measurements the captured image had to meet before it could be submitted to the bank (was it in focus, were shadows an issue, was the check cut off in the photo, etc.). This resulted in a set of scan measurements above and beyond those already required by financial institutions. Once those requirements were set, we added auto correction and created rules to train consumers how to take the picture correctly to produce an acceptable scan. When the image was successfully captured the image would be submitted to the financial institution utilizing the required encryption protocols. The extensive R&D and user research resulted in an easy to use mobile application that works on multiple platforms that can now be found in the mobile offering of multiple banks.

Mitek Announces $1 Trillion Deposited Through Mobile Deposit