To create a fun, all ages lifestyle app designed to allow users to dream up how they would spend money if they had an unlimited amount of funds to access and use each day.


$pend it encourages users to stretch their imaginations by playing a fun game with gobs of virtual money. On the $pend it app, players can deposit an unlimited amount of funds into a virtual account to purchase anything from homes, furniture, accessories, food, entertainment, party supplies, and more. Users can fill up a vision board complete with illustrations of their wildest dreams and goals, and make purchases on everything imaginable, including dream homes, vacations, charitable donations, or even non-tangible items, like good health and relationships.

Another key feature of the app is a personal affirmations section that allows the app’s users to write positive statements, thanksgivings, or inspirational quotes to remind themselves of all they’re grateful for in their real lives each day. The $pend it app makes the impossible possible and is ideal app for the dreamer in everyone.