Create a hyper location-based ad platform that allows advertisers to send targeted ads to people based on their location.


To deliver targeted location-based ads to consumers on a cell phone or tablet, we created a system that provides advertisers (small businesses, agencies, and marketers) the ability to target a specific customer based on their location.

We built an easy to use self-service platform that allows businesses to use their own graphic or text-based banner ads in a given campaign and then visually pinpoint where the ads would be delivered within specific grids in a city or region. To help accurately measure a campaign’s performance, we provided the ability to run reports using the included analytic tools. Agencies will appreciate that the system works well with third party tools such as DART reporting.

The system goes beyond delivering location-specific ads, we also built-in the flexibility to integrate additional features into the ad such as the ability to place a call, see a location on a map, or even use a coupon. In addition to location parameters, users of the system can target consumers with specific interests. By implementing an auction-based bidding system companies can also decide how much they want to spend to achieve the reach they want.

Award Winning

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