Create a SaaS application that enables globally distributed organizations to collaborate with each other seamlessly while retaining and protecting their intellectual capital. The client needed to create a flexible SaaS KMS that would cover needs from many different industries.


i2a developed a SaaS knowledge management system that is both scalable and customizable for each business and individuals users. The product is designed to be used in many facets of a business including sales, training, partner management, and transforming intellectual capital into actionable knowledge through information management.

We created a platform architecture that system administrators can easily manage and integrate into existing user tools. Additionally, we created the product to work with a company’s valuable data regardless of location and share it with employees throughout an enterprise safely and securely, without interrupting existing workflow procedures. The result is a knowledge management system that helps businesses be more effective by giving their employees quick and easy access to the information they need. As a result, employees’ productivity increased. The system has also improved communication and the coordination of work.