Create an all-in-one team and venue app for the Miami Dolphins and Hard Rock Stadium that included a “driveway to driveway” experience for fans.


We designed registration and ticket forms to capture data beyond basic contact information. By leveraging the data on the fan, we the built an app that provided:

  • Exclusive Dolphins Video on Demand Content Channels
  • Targeted Listen Live Audio
  • “My Channel” – the ability for users to create a personalized channel consisting of video, photos, news articles and more based on what the user has favorited in the app
  • Mobile Ticketing
  • Mobile Wallet
  • Mobile Ordering – Merchandise & Tailgate Supplies for Express Pickup
  • Interactive 3D Maps with indoor wayfinding
  • Communications before and after event

Moreover, the app is able to dynamically morph based on parameters of who the user is, where the user is, and what time it is. For instance, if it’s a non-gameday, the app’s default UI is in content mode, whereas if it’s a gameday and the fan is at the stadium, the app will dynamically serve contextually relevant features that the user would most need at their fingertips, such as parking, tickets, maps and wayfinding, wallet, express pickup, and more.