Pre-roll commercials and pop-up ads online are disruptive, obnoxious and ineffective. Telvise challenged I2A Solutions to devise a way for businesses and marketers to better target their customer in a more engaging, relevant way, while also incentivizing all parties involved in the process.


To answer the call, I2A Solutions created an e-commerce video sharing platform where anyone can create a channel, upload videos featuring brands and products, or search and shop for products they’re specifically seeking. Using tags of the products showcased in the video, buyers can enjoy a live demo of the specific product they searched for or simply enjoy an uninterrupted entertainment experience of brands that are relevant to their interests and lifestyle. Video publishers can earn money by bringing their own products to life through the power of video, or they can earn commissions from other brands by tagging products featured in their videos. Video makers simply upload a video they created to Telvise’s website, tag products featured in their video, and enjoy the commissions or sales that resulted from their creativity.

Users can also easily share their videos by embedding them on their own websites or spreading them across social media channels to share their shoppable videos with everyone in their network. For merchants, Telvise is a low-cost advertising and marketing tool that brands only have to pay for when their product is sold. Not only can brands lessen their advertising expenditures through the use of these burgeoning videographers on Telvise, but they can also test what storylines and styles appeal to their customer base most without the costly expense of placing advertisements. They only pay for product sales, making the online platform a no brainer for brands and marketers alike. Buyers win, videographers win, and merchants win with Telvise.