Provide a streamlined and integrated solution for NBA general managers, scouting departments and other NBA personnel to gather and house essential information about players attending the NBA Draft Combine.


The NBA Draft Combine web app serves as a central repository for information about players who are participating in the NBA Draft Combine. Players are emailed invitations to access the system, where they fill out simple forms and surveys on a Players Checklist. The checklist houses essential player information ranging from health and wellness, professionalism and image, finance, security, and relationship management in order for the NBA Draft Combine staff to tailor its services and improve programs to meet Combine participants’ needs.

NBA staff are able to stay apprised of each player’s progress in filling out the form by tracking the status of survey completion on each player’s profile. The web app also aggregates and averages the data from the survey results for NBA staff to better understand the average Combine participants’ most vital needs as a whole. If drafted, the information collected through the NBA Draft Combine app follows the player through to their new NBA team, making the web application a longstanding resource for NBA scouts, staff and teams alike.