The creative process is much like baking a cake; it takes an idea of the flavor profile, acquisition of the right ingredients, mixing of these ingredients, and putting the finishing touches on it before it is ready for consumption. High school performing arts teacher and International Baccalaureate dance instructor, Judi Hofmeister, wanted to create a centralized and accessible repository to share her “recipes for imagination” – exercises she has created, developed or gathered during her career as both a professional performing artist and as a performing arts teacher.


The Creative Process app is a fun and accessible resource to spark the imaginations of performing arts students and teachers alike at the middle school or high school levels. The app compiles a series of lesson plans and classroom exercises—or “recipes for imagination” — in three clearly-defined areas of arts education: dance, theatre, and music.

All of the exercises included in the app embody 21st arts student to think outside the box. Teachers too are encouraged to dream up creative lesson plans and arrange imaginative exercises using the recipes outlined in this inventive cookbook collection. Teachers can use these “recipes” as standalone exercises, quick classroom tasks, or they can mix them together to create their own distinct exercises all using just one simple app. century skills and encourage the performing