Create an app to help provide an added layer of protection in life-and-death emergency situations.


The My Life Alert App notifies loved ones immediately when an emergency strikes and sends them a link to your precise location so they know exactly where to find you in an emergency situation.

My Life Alert lets you to plan ahead by adding specific contacts and insurance carriers into the app to contact in the event of an emergency. With just one click of a button, you can request fire, police or medical personnel to your location and alert your loved ones via SMS simultaneously to ensure you cover all your bases and the help you need immediately.

Instead of relying on emergency response alone, sometimes you may need an added layer of security when danger strikes. This app is ideal for remote or underserved international markets where emergency response systems are lacking and where family or loved ones might be your last resort to get the help you need quickly and effectively. This app is also a good tool to communicate one’s whereabouts in emergency situations even in areas where emergency response is effective.