Create mobile applications that are used by NBA teams to stay connected with their fan base. The apps needed to work across multiple platforms and be capable of providing the quickest updates available while handling tens of thousands of users simultaneously.


When creating an application that will appeal to the NBA fans of a particular team it’s imperative to include access to real time data during games. We access NBA’s data feed to provide users with real time box scores, shots on goal, and in-game individual player data. There is also a built-in e-commerce component for ticket sales. When the team is off the court we use automated feeds to keep fans updated on player stats, news, photo galleries, videos, and more. We created an application that could be unique to each team by building a customizable Content Management System (CMS) on the back-end so that each team could decide how they will interact with fans and the type of information the app will provide.

Keeping in mind that NBA teams have different requirements for their individual apps we designed a scalable app that can support large numbers of fans simultaneously. We built a customizable Content Management System (CMS) on the back-end giving teams the ability to choose the type of information provided by the app, to stream live video or radio broadcasts of the game, and to decide how they will interact with fans. For teams that want to monetize the application we included an integrated ad platform that can be turned on or off. Each NBA application is compatible with iPhone and Android devices.