Create an eCommerce website to resell AT&T home services and integrate a web-based application that interacts with AT&T’s web services.


In order for a company to effectively resell AT&T’s home services (TV, landline phone, and Internet) on the web, we developed a web-based application that could access AT&T’s product offerings based on a customer’s home address. The benefit is that the website could then populate AT&T product offerings including available specials for the customers visiting the eCommerce website. We also provided the option for customers to customize their selections and return more options dynamically generated by the internal AT&T system.

By integrating the web application seamlessly into AT&T’s centralized database the customer can also schedule service calls once the services are selected and purchased. The product we designed complies with AT&T’s internal requirements and we continue to maintain the site keeping it updated to meet AT&T’s requirements as they are updated.