Create an app to help smokers quit and stay smoke free.


Built an app that encourages, distracts and charts a smoker’s journey to a tobacco-free life. The app lets smoker’s set goals and record how many times they smoke or have the urge to smoke in a day. Users can list “danger zones” where tobacco is sold nearby and can get friendly notifications to curb any tempations. The app also provides a buddies list, where the user can call upon in times of need. Lastly, the app is a constant reminder of the health and financial benefits associated with quitting smoking.

Key Features:

  • – An option to ‘Quit Now’ or prepare to ‘Quit Later’
  • – My Goals: set your goals and add the support you need to achieve them
  • – Daily Message: for the first 30 days, you’ll receive a useful tip when you open the app
  • – Danger Times: nominate your danger times and My QuitBuddy gets in touch to keep you on track
  • – Alerts: a series of scheduled alerts (such as “Congratulations, it’s been two weeks!”) keep you on track
  • – Visual icons: view your daily progress including how much money you’ve saved
  • – Distract Me: when craving, My QuitBuddy helps with a range of distractions
  • – Remind Me: a personalised slideshow reminds you why you decided to quit and to stay focused on your goal
  • – Community: read helpful messages from other people who are quitting and leave your own for others to read
  • – Quitline: call the Quitline directly on 13 7848 from the app
  • – Buddy Up: Nominate friends or family who you can call in the tough times

Quitting smoking can be difficult but My QuitBuddy is here to help you every step of the way. Designed to deliver you support in a way best suited to you, for you to get quit and stay quit.